Obtaining the Patent of the Honorary Consul


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Obtaining the Patent of the Honorary Consul is possible.

The first that Wa needs to make, it to send your autobiography, agreement signature about confidentiality is possible before providing the autobiography. After its analysis we will be able to calculate project cost. 
In case of your desire, we will send the confidentiality agreement.


What the client has to make

To contract work:

1. Agreement signature about confidentiality

2. - To provide the autobiography

- To provide confirmation that:

a) has nationality;

b) has the permanent residence or possesses the residence permit in the state of stay (on which country awakes the Exequatur is issued);

c) has full legal capacity;

d) it is able-bodied from the point of view of health;

e) has sufficient money for complete financing of activity of consular establishment, namely: material equipment, compensation of personnel, providing transport services and communications etc.;

e) is the owner of the real estate (or is able to purchase it or to employ for the complete period of accomplishment of a position of the honorary consul) located in the area where opening of consular establishment which will allow to perform the corresponding development of activity of the honorary consul is provided;

g) has opportunities for consecutive development of interests of the country of a appointment in an adoptive state; establishment and activation of the economic, trade, scientific, cultural, sports relations etc.,

h) has no criminal record;

i) is not under examination;

3. Providing to the client the report on an opportunity / not sales opportunities of this project, a specific order of interaction with the client, reasonable calculation of cost and a payment procedure of the contract, a contract date.

4. Approval and contract signature.

Contract work

1. To provide notarized copies of the following documents:

a) Internal and international passport

b) Autobiography

c) Two color photos 3 on 4

d) Certificate of not a criminal record

e) The declaration on what will not demand compensation for the activity from a country of destination

e) Certificate of lack of a criminal record

g) The agreement with the lawyer and the general practitioner
PS: In certain cases providing additional documents can be required.

2. Our lawyers start to writing of the consular concept.
The circle of powers of the Honorary Consul is reflected in consular Kontsepiya (can be from formal execution of function before function of an active honourable cone with investment of both consular, and notarial functions)

3. Approval of the consular concept of the Ambassador which consular district includes the country on which awakes the Exequatur is issued.

4. Submission of the consular concept

5. Interviewing

6) the list of measures which will be taken by the candidate for a position of the honorary consul for deepening of the trade/economic, investment, cultural, social relations, a cooperation with diaspora, protection of the rights and interests of citizens in the country of accommodation.

7. As a result of determination of opening of consular establishment and appointment in a position of the honourable consular official the ministry will request from the state of stay through diplomatic channels a consent to opening of consular establishment, the consular district and its location, and also a consent on appointment of the corresponding person as the honorary consul.

8. After receipt of a consent of the state of stay the honourable consular official takes out at the ministry the consular patent signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which appointment in a position of the honorary consul, his class, location of the consular establishment headed by the honorary consul and the consular district makes sure.

9. The consular patent is held by a stamp of the ministry and is constituted in a state language of a country of destination.

10. The consular patent is valid for the unrestricted period and can be withdrawn according to the decision of the ministry.

11. Provision of the consular patent in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country for receipt of an exequatur

12. After receipt of an exequatur we address to the Protocol Department of the MFA of a country of destination, for receipt of a card of the diplomat and diplomatic numbers.

13. The administrative matters connected with opening of consular establishment (statement on tax accounting, etc.)

In addition:

We can train your personnel in maintaining consular archive, or offer you the services in this question.

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